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The Truth about oodles

The truth about Oodles

We have put together this factual information regarding Oodles this includes all breeds that are crossed with a poodle.  We are not anti oodles by any means we just believe that you should get what you pay for and be told the truth about it and in many cases this is not happening, we want you to purchase your new family member with your eyes wide open. I have been breeding toy poodles for over 20 years and I have been a professional dog and cat groomer for over 25 years so I have seen everything.

Did you know that many poodle crosses cost much more than a purebred poodle? This is true most ANKC purebred dogs sell for $3-5000 where are many of the poodle crosses start at $4000 and go much higher. There is not any good reason for this, poodle crosses in our opinion agree only worth around the $1000 mark this more than covers their vet fees and looking after mum. For an ANKC registered breeder we put so much more into raising our babies, researching pedigrees, dna testing and just making sure we are trying our very best to produce the healthiest long lived puppies we can, this costs a lot of money and time to accomplish. We don’t just slap 2 dogs to together to produce puppies.

When you pay such large sums of money for a puppy you should expect that all you have to pay health wise is the cost of desexing and vaccinations each year, in the rare occasion this does not happen with a puppy from an ANKC breeder it is not because they didn’t do all they could to prevent it, it is just one of those things that happen and can’t be helped.

With these poodles crosses they are disaster waiting to happen, talk to those that have purchased one the amount of surgeries and the vet bills are huge especially patellas and bad skin.

Other than a Poodle anything with Oodle on the end of it’s name;

  • Is a cross breed than are not a pure breed, designer breed or hybrid breed just a mut.

You might say well that is how all breeds started out as cross breeds, this is true but to create a breed such as poodles careful planning went into creating such a healthy stable breed. Many years of development and research went into making sure that a poodle was predictable and healthy the same can’t be said of the cross breeds or designer breeds. In fact the creater of the Labradoodle regrets ever doing so.

  • Can’t be guaranteed hypo allergenic  no matter what you are told

Think of it this way, you have a blue eyed parent and a green eyed parent what colour will their children’s eyes be? You don’t know? Well neither do I it will be either one or the other. The same with a hypoallergenic coat they can’t guarantee what it will be when you mix hypoallergenic with non hypoallergenic it will be a 50/50 chance for one or the other. Then if you mate cavoodle to cavoodle for example you are diluting the chance of a hypoallergenic coat even more.

  • Height, weight, coat or temperament can’t be guaranteed.

These are all traits that make a poodle a poodle when you start mixing other breeds in you dilute these traits and you have no idea what you will get. Because you are crossing 2 and sometimes more breeds you loose all predictability and this is so important especially temperament when you have children at home, The same is said for size you may see a miniature cavoodle or groodle advertised, they may have miniature poodle somewhere along the way  but they still can’t guarantee size where as a poodle breeder will have a good idea as they a have a breed standard they have to breed with. In essence this Is a blueprint they must follow to make sure what they are breeding is a poodle.

  • Cross breeds are more healthy than purebreds

This could not be further from the truth. If you buy your puppy from a registered ANKC breeder most try their hardest to produce happy healthy long lived puppies. Where with the cross breeds they just mate 2 breeds together that they have the same or similar health issues this does not make them magically disappear it enhances them making it twice as likely for them to crop up. As a groomer of over 25 years experience I have seen so many disasters with these cross breeds.

  • Wool or Fleece

All dogs have coat they do not have wool (even poodles this is a common misconception) or even worse Fleece, fleece is actually a 100% man made synthetic product. Poodles do actually shed but it does not come off on your furniture or clothes like other breeds it stays in the coat and if not brushed out or clipped off it mats really bad sometimes causing health issues if left for a long time.


A Guardian contract would have to be one of the biggest cons I have ever seen. You pay for your puppy in most cases full price, you are then required to let the breeder have them back for litters in the case of a female it is usually between 3-5 litters in their life time. Also in some contract if something happens to you girl and she is unable to have puppies you are still required to pay the breeder for the loss of potential puppies.

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