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Our love affair with chihuahuas started in 2004 when then 9 year old Erin was given a smooth coat tri male, who we named Hardy, by Pam Brennan of Espero Chihuahuas. Erin had been helping Pam show her chihuahuas and thought she had earned one of her own. "Hardy" Ch Espero Mexican Mafia was the love of Erin's life until we tragically lost him to cancer just before his 13 birthday. This left a huge hole for our family and we still miss him everyday.

But, another lovely chihuahua breeder, Val Morse of Rayvale chihuahuas gave us a cream long coat girl called "Nala"  Ch Rayvale Ima Texas Rose 12 months after we lost Hardy. Well this has ignited something is us we now also co-own Nala's very cheeky son Porter Rayvale Ima One In a Million with Val.

Since we lost Hardy I have been on the search to have another smooth coat Tri and we are lucky enough to have added "Morris" Chaniekan Mafia Boss to out home. Morris was bred by Barry Woodburn.






Hardy with rosie



Oops got my head stuck (Hardy)


Porter with Gerard
Porter and his bunny
Nala and cheeky porter

Porter visiting the balanced canine

Porter with his girlfriend
Itís all too much being a show dog
New arrival Morris


Porter with Leonardo




Unicorn nala





I woke up like this


Uncle gee checking porter is ok




Security check
Nala with her first baby porter

First attempt at solid food for porter

With uncle Gee




All the attention is mine!








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