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This is a new page we have decided to add, we have been fortunate enough to meet some really lovely people over the years who have purchased puppies from us and they have become part ot our extended family, we thought it was important to share some of their kind thoughts.


The Sullivan Family Queensland - owned by Armani and Gucci

I would like everyone know how wonderful Elluje Poodles are.
They are top quality with the most amazing nature and disposition.

My husband and I have had poodles for the last 40 years and know that there are poodles and poodles.

We got our first Puppy from Julie at Elluje Poodles two and a half years ago.
Julie sent him to us in Qld from NSW, and we have never looked back.

He is a silver Toy Poodle and has the loveliest nature, he is great with our kids and loves everyone in the house equally.

He doesn't have a mean bone is his body never growls or snaps and isn't a yappy dog either. He 
has such a wonderful nature that we decided to get another poodle from Julie as well.
Our new puppy is just divine, with again, the loveliest temperament, very loving, friendly and full of spunk.  

We know that the dog will come PRA cleared and be of the best breeding and nature.

Julie is the loveliest person and very professional to deal with, she only has the dogs interest at heart. 

You can be sure you are getting a quality dog with 100% help and care from Julie anytime you need to know anything.

My husband and I love Elluje poodles and would not hesitate to get another one.

Martine x


The Jones Family Corrimal - Owned by George

My husband Jeff and I looked for nearly a year till we found your site Julie and Erin. wow!!
Your website is very detailed and the love you have for your dogs shines through to anyone viewing it. On visiting you to see your dogs we couldn't get over how gorgeous they were and how well socialized they are.


When we first visited, I had a set idea if what we would like, namely, a silver female. Upon arriving, we were met at the door of Julie's home by an excited group of toy poodles all vying for attention. I was particularly drawn to the matriarch of the group, a gorgeous white 12 year old female, Audrey, belonging to Erin, Julie's daughter. Audrey immediately sat beside me on the coach, then my lap and sat quite contentedly allowing me to pat her for the duration of our visit. By the time we were ready to leave, my husband and I just looked at each other and said we didn't care what colour or sex. We would be just happy to have one,We are now the very lucky owners of one very cute blue male toy poodle we called George. We can't believe just how much joy he has brought to our lives. George has the most amazing temperament and the ongoing care and assistance from you Julie has been really appreciated.

George is not only entertaining but incredibly smart. He only has to be shown something once and next time he remembers. George loves everyone who visits us and they in turn adore him. George may be small but he has a huge personality

To anyone contemplating adding a toy poodle to your family, you will not find happier, healthier or better socialized poodles than those bred at Elluje Poodles. Nor will you find a better breeder, handler and groomer than Julie and Erin at Elluje Poodles. They are now family to us :))
The Jones Family


I recently picked up my second poodle puppy from Julie and Erin,Julie is a delightful lady and the very best dog breeder I have ever known.The amount of time and effort Julie has put into breeding the best Toy Poodles l have ever come across is second to none.I’ve had Toy Poodles for about 25 years and over that time l have learnt that most poodle puppies look cute but they may grow up and turn out not what you were expecting.Julie’s breeding program takes time and expert knowledge,including importing semen from European champions.Her dogs have won countless titles and ribbons.They come with Orivet genetic test reports,Julie also provides you with a very detailed puppy book with loads of information on how to raise your puppy.l have read about people who have bought puppies from less reputable breeders and they sadly have various health issues.Julie and Erin also breed long and short hair chihuahuas,l have no doubt she breeds them to the same high standard.I highly recommend getting your new puppy from Julie and Erin.l will be definitely be getting my future puppies from them.She quickly responds to all your questions and is more than happy to answer any of your queries.You can contact me on [email protected] 

if you would like to ask me any questions.


Stephen (a very happy puppy owner)



Contact Details
Julie & Erin Henville
Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia
Phone : 0412100065
Email : [email protected]

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