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Tips to buying a puppy

Buying a puppy can be a confusing time and can be difficult to sort through all the information, hopefully this page will help with some of the confusion for you.

ANKC (Australian National Kennel Control) is the only world wide recognised kennel control in Australia, do not be taken in by any other registry they do not have the history or cannot guarantee their pedigrees.

If you are not sure if a breed is a cross breed or a purebreed click on this link to find out  http://ankc.org.au/ and click on breeds if it not on this list it is not a purebred that can be registered in Australia


​When you first make contact with any breeder do so by phone or if you do email them follow up with a phone call, do not send text messages, if you don't have the time to phone or write an email you don't have time to look after a puppy and most breeders will not answer text messages they want to know who their puppies are going to and get to know you before they sell you one of their babies.

No matter what breed of puppy there are a few things that are mandatory for all registered breeders to supply you with when you purchase your puppy.

All puppies from any registered breeder (i.e.registered with Dogs NSW) must come with at least limited registration it is against the code of ethics for Dogs NSW for them to sell any puppy with no registration papers. Limited Registration means you have bought a well bred pet but can't show or breed from it but can do obedience or agility. Main Registration means you can breed or show a puppy. Sometimes this paperwork will not be available at the time of purchase depending on the turn around from Dogs NSW but you should receive it within at least 4 weeks from the sale of your puppy if you don't just send them a gentle reminder.

All puppies must come microchipped it is an offence under the Companion animals Act if they are not. This is usually done at 6-7 weeks of age and you will be asked to sign a change of ownership form when you pick your puppy up. 

Your puppy should also have had it's first vaccination and vet checked at around 6-7 weeks of age also and you should receive a vaccination card when you purchase your puppy.

Hereditary disease testing should have also been carried out on your puppies parents before they were mated and you should either be able to have a look at the original paperwork at the breeders or some will give you copies of the results. Hereditary disease's vary from breed to breed.

Toy Poodles - DNA test for PRCD Type PRA, patellas checked by vet


If you would like more information please dont' hesitate to email us.

* When looking for a breeder it can be hard to find one that suits you and your family so don't give up if you have to ring or email 5, 10 or 20 do so you have your pet for a long time so do your homework, collect information and choose a breeders who suits you.

* Make sure that any advertising they do has there appropriate Dogs NSW registration number on it you can also ask to see their membership card when you meet them. You may also ring Dogs NSW to confirm they are infact a registered breeder and also ring The Department of Fair Trading.

* A breeder should be willing to talk to you about all their dogs and their dogs strengths and weaknesses. Just because you want to buy a toy poodle for example doesn't mean it would suit your lifestyle so listen to breeders they know what they are talking about.

*You may not always be able to view both parents in this day and age there are many ways for breeders to use stud dogs, some are interstate or they make have used frozen semen or simply a dog that does not live close by but they should be able to give you photos and health testing of the sire and should have mum and any other relatives for you to view.

* Expect to wait for a puppy it will only be a case of good luck if contact a breeder the first time and they have a puppy available for you.

* If you don't click with the breeder don't buy from them, you need to be able to contact them at any time if you need help or advice and they should also be willing to hear from you even if it is a photo of the dog having fun.

* Give the breeder lots of information about yourself and your family, we like to know that our dogs are going to good homes, by all means you can make initial contact via email but follow it up with a phone call if the breeder only wants to contact you through email go onto the next one and never send text messages, if you only have time to text you don't have time to look after a puppy.

* If when you go to visit your puppy and conditions are not clean and/or puppies do not seem to be well looked after do not feel sorry for the puppy and buy it we want to stop people like this from breeder not encourage them.

* Don't ask other breeders to recommend a breeder to you it is very hard for us to tell you not to buy from certain breeders but the question to ask is 'who would you buy a puppy from'

* Deposits are fully refunable if you have not physically visited your pup, for e.g., if you put a deposit on a puppy and when you visit it you are not happy and do not wish to purchase it your deposit is fully refundable, if you have visited your pup and simply change your mind sometime after this visit your deposit is not refundable.







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