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Gerard and our French Bulldogs


In late 2008 a very naughty 8 week old French Bulldog arrived at Elluje, sent to us from Sylvenus Kennels in Perth. Harriet AKA Piggy, Sylvenus Lika Bat outa Hell has moved in and taken over. We have been completely sucked in by this beautiful breed, well we really didn't have a choice, Harriet is a delight to own and live with but does come with that stubborn streak that French Bulldogs seem to have. Sadly we said goodbye to Harriet in October 2019 she will be greatly missed.

We mated Harriet for the first and only time in 2011 and she had 4 fat healthy puppies on 5th May 2011. We have 2 Pied Girls, 1 Brindle Girl and 1 Pied Boy, we have kept the boy Neuter Ch Elluje Damage Control "Gerard", a brindle girl  Aust Ch Elluje You and Whos army "Gloria" RIP Beautiful Girl and a pied girl Aust Ch Neuter Ch Elluje Don't Cramp My Style "Poppy" from this litter to show.

In this litter was a little fat dog puppy by the nicname of Whale stole our hearts. He is now known as Gerard Neuter Grand Ch Elluje Damage Control or Gee to his friends.


Gerard is certainly a character as only this smelly fun breed can be. He is a favourite around the show rings and gives his all everytime out. Gerard is handled by Erin and they make a wonderful team.


Gerard was Number one Neuter French Bulldog in Australia in 2014 & 2016, Number 1 in NSW 2015 (Dogzonline pointscore) and always a favourite at breed stands and doing his bit to help educate the public on French Bulldogs. He is also the first Neuter Grand Champion French Bulldog in Australia.


He is an escape artist that no crate, gate or fence will keep in he just wants to be with his family all the time, we love him to bits.

In 2016 Gerard has started his training to work in NSW Pre Schools and Primary Schools with Erin as Pet Educators and is now  qualified as a pet educator a role he loves.

​On 30.9.16 Gee won his final points for his Neuter Grand Champion Title he is the first French Bulldog in Australia to obtain this title

​​Gee is one in a billion

As much as we love this breed this is not where our heart lies and will only have them as pets and will not be breeding them. Gerard will still be shown and work in schools and pre schools as a pet educator.

Such a gentleman in his tie
Gerard with one of his many fans the beautiful Amber


Gerard and Erin at a French Bulldog Club of NSW Show
Rest at a French Bulldog Club of NSW Show


Sunbaking with his mum Harriet
With his sisters Gloria and Poppy










































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