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​Australian Champion number 35 for our kennels!!!!!!

2023 has been a great year so far with 4 new champions


8.7.23 " Beatrix" Elluje Devil Inside

28.5.23 "Fury" Elluje Mafia Kingpin

28.5.23 "V" Elluje Never Tear Us Apart 
30.4.23 "Pearl" Elluje Pearls for Girls

28.6.22 "Enya" Grandimage All The Talk

18.12.21 "Tequila" Elluje Licence to Chill
7.5.21 "Porter" Rayvale Ima One in a Million

10.3.21 "Morris" Chaniekan Mafia Boss

17.6.18 "Ant" Elluje High Octane

​what a week it has been 3 dogs winning their last points for their Australian Championship.

14.4.18 'Diablo' Bravadobe U Don't  Own Me AI (Imp NZ)

20.4.18 'Vin' Elluje Fast and Furious

20.4.18 'Nala' Rayvale Ima Texas Rose


Welcome to our website, we are a small breeding & exhibiting kennel of Silver , White & Blue Toy Poodles & have also bred and exhibited Black Miniature Poodles and more recently Long Coat and Smooth Chihuahuas.

I have been involved in the Pedigree Dog World for 32 years, firstly as a handler of German Shepherds then onto toy poodles which I have been breeding & exhibiting Poodles Since 1998. My first Poodle, a black miniature bitch "Allie" came from the famous Luachra Kennels shortly followed by a blue Toy bitch "Barbie" from their Toy Kennels, Chapford, (both bred by Mark Chapman) I breed sparingly sometimes only one litter per year. We breed from only DNA tested stock for PRCD type PRA. I also have patellas checked and breed for great temperaments.

In May 2011 Elluje became a mother and daughter team, my daughter Erin is now officially part of our prefix, but has played a huge part in raising our puppies her whole life and training and exhibiting our dogs for the past 16 years from the age of 7. Erin is also a qualified Vet Nurse and works in NSW Schools and Pre Schools as a pet educator with her french bulldog Gerard and Dobermann Jax.



The following are a list of our Champions here at Elluje

The Miniatures

Australian Ch Elluje Out of Control "Houston" RIP

Austustralian Ch Elluje Out of the Box "Ava" RIP


The Toys

Australian Ch Chapford Dark Victory "Barbie" RIP

Australian Ch Elluje Viva Las Vegas "Elvis" RIP

Australian Ch Elluje What a Wind Up "Audrey" RIP

Australian Ch Elluje Ready to Rumble "Costa" RIP

Swedish Ch & Estland Ch Elluje I Wanna Be Famous "Spike" owned by Marianne Bladh

Australian Ch Elluje Wild Child "Rhea" RIP

Australian Ch Elluje So What "Mini" RIP

Australian Ch Elluje Born to Be Wild "Eva"

Australian Ch Lefay Living the High Life "Eden"

​Australian Ch Lefay Gotta Chase a Legend "Chase"

​Australian Ch Erintoi Walk This Way "Jarvis"

Australian Ch Elluje Need for Speed "Eleanor"

Australian Ch Elluje Fast and Furious "Vin"

Australian Ch Elluje High Octane AI "Ant"

Australian Ch Elluje Pearls for Girls "Pearl"


The Chihuahuas

Australian Ch Espero Mexican Mafia "Hardy" RIP

Australian Ch Rayvale Ima Texas Rose "Nala"

Australian Ch Chaniekan Mafia Boss "Morris"

Australian Ch Rayvale Ima One in a Million "Porter"

Australian Ch Elluje Licence to Chill 'Tequila'

Australian Ch Grandimage All the Talk 'Enya'

The Frenchies

Neuter Grand Ch Elluje Damage Control "Gerard"

Australian Ch Elluje You and Whos Army "Gloria" RIP

Australian Ch  Neuter Ch Elluje Don't Cramp My Style "Poppy"

​Australian Ch Chicchien The Dark Knight "Bane"


The Dobermanns

Australian Ch & Neuter Ch Bravadobe Purple Heart "Jax"

​Australian Ch Bravadobe Jade Warrior "Iman" RIP

​Australian Ch Bravadobe Quest For Truth (AI) "Ziva" RIP

​Australian Ch Bravadobe Rapunzel Tangled At Martyn (AI) (Imp NZ) "Rapunzel"

Australian Ch Bravadobe U Dont Own Me "Diablo"


​Our New Babies

"Fury" Elluje Mafia Kingpin

"V" Elluje Never Tear is Apart

"Beatrix" Elluje Devil Inside











Above is a photo of "Costa" Australian Ch Elluje Ready to Rumble.


Contact Details
Julie & Erin Henville
Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia
Phone : 0412100065
Email : [email protected]

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